TOTORO Phone Case Cover | Crochet Amigurumi for Beginners

Hello my crafty friends!

Do you love Totoro? I do!! This is my second Totoro tutorial and this time I'll be showing you how to crochet a Totoro phone case cover. This is a perfect amigurumi for beginners tutorial, so if some of you are just starting hooking then this is the perfect project for you. I'm really satisfied with how it turned out, in fact this amigurumi phone case is one of my current favorites. It's so cute! >.<

I actually wanted to add a zipper to it, but didn't have one, so I just left it open as many phone cases are. If some of you tries recreating this phone case adding a zipper to it, then please share some pictures with me on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #madiunnie, I would love to see them. :)

Scroll down for the crochet pattern.

gray yarn
light brown yarn
black, white, green felt
black yarn (for the nose)


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl = slip stitch


1. 50 ch (in base of your phone's lenght)
2. sl into the 1st ch
3. 1 ch, 49 sc, sl into the 1st sc
4. Repeat STEP 3 about 20 times (in base of your phone's width)

1. 25 ch
2. 24 sc starting from 2nd ch from hook, 1 ch, flip your work
3. Repeat STEP 2 about 10 times (until you have half the height of your cover)
4. Change yarn color making a simple knot
5. Repeat STEP 2 about 10 times (until you have the same height of your cover)
6. sl and tie off

1. 2 ch
2. 5 sc into 2nd ch from hook (round 1 = 5 sc)
3. 2 sc into each stitch x 5 (round 2 = 10 sc)
4. 1 sc into each stitch x 10 (round 3 = 10 sc)
5. Repeat STEP 4 about 10 times (round 4 - 14 = 10 sc)
6. sl and tie off

Attach all the parts together with glue or thread.

If some of you prefer watching the video then I provided the tutorial down below, showing you step by step how to crochet this cute Totoro phone case. Just click the play button below and enjoy!

Let me know what you guys think of this Totoro phone case in the comments down below. Till then stay crafty and I shall talk to you soon. Bye!

Much love


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