DIY Storage Ideas | Makeup Jewelry Organizer from Shoe boxes

Hello there!

I have a new DIY project idea for you guys. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make use of your shoe boxes and create a pretty storage for your makeup and jewelry. This is a very easy DIY project to recycle a few amount of shoe boxes, because at times we happen to just buy a couple of shoes during a season.

For this project I used just two shoe boxes and two kinds of wrapping papers and I think it turned out really pretty!


- 2 shoe boxes
- cutter
- ruler
- scissors
- tape 
- wrapping paper
- glue
- washi tape
- paper fasteners

Click the play button below for the tutorial.

Let me know if this was useful and comment down below some of your Storage Ideas, so that we can share as much as ideas with each other :)


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